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Restoration Manager Downloads

Thank you for requesting the Restoration Manager trial version.

When you want to upgrade to the full version of Restoration Manager, you need only purchase a serial number from this website and enter it into the trial version. There's no need to download another installation file and any information you have entered will be kept.

Please click on the link below to download the installation file.

Download Restoration Manager Trial Version
34MB. Approx download times - 512KB broadband: 8 min, 8MB broadband: 1 min.

Example Project

We have created an example project with optional photographs to help you with either the trial or full version of Restoration Manager. Download the project example file (55KB) and follow the instructions that follow:

  • Start Restoration Manager, setting your date format and creating a project if this is the first time you have run Restoration Manager
  • Click on File on the menu bar and then Backup. Choose a folder to backup to and click on the Backup button
  • Copy the downloaded file (called to the folder selected in the step above
  • If you have the full version of Restoration Manager make sure you have your serial number to hand as the next step will remove it. If you have the full version do not carry on without your serial number!
  • Click on File on the menu bar and then Restore. You should see Select it and click on the Restore button
  • Restoration Manager will restart. If you have the full version you will need to enter your serial number

You now have a small project in Restoration Manager. There are groups for a brake servo unit and various engine groups and parts. You can change the information as much as you like, but if you have the trial version you won't be able to add any more parts, because this example project has more than ten parts, or add another project. If you want to create your own project you will need to restore from the backup made in the above installation steps. If you have the full version you can add parts and create new projects as before. To remove the example project you can restore from the backup made when installing the example project, but don't forget you will loose anything added or changed since the backup, on any project in Restoration Manager.

So you can get the most out of the example project, we have a short "crib sheet". This as PDF (so you must have Adobe's Acrobat Reader installed) so you can easily print it out and have it by your side whilst you go through the example project. Download the Example Project crib sheet.

You can also download our example project photographs (12.9MB). Download to your hard disk and then double click on the file. Click on the Unzip button and when the file has been extracted click on the OK button and then the Close button. The photographs will be copied to the directory c:\photos. They must be there for the example project to display them.

New Project Templates

When you create a new project you can use a template, which you can then modify to suit your project. We will include new templates with Restoration Manager and also have them available here. We will be adding a facility to create templates from your project soon - if you want to find out when this is available join our email newsletter.

To install a template, click on the appropriate link below to download a self extracting zip file to your computer. Once downloaded, double click on the file. Check that the Unzip to folder is the template folder under the folder you installed Restoration Manager to (if you installed to the default location C:\Program Files\Restoration Manager you won't need to change the Unzip to folder). Click on the Unzip button and when the file has been extracted click on the OK button and then the Close button.

Standard US Template This is the standard template but using US spelling and automotive terms.